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Generator Rex Sezonul 1 Episodul 19 Online Subtitrat In Romana

Promises, Promises

It’s Rex’s birthday (more accurately the anniversary of when he first joined Providence) and Six has flashbacks about how Rex first joined Providence. Back when Providence was forming, captured E.V.O.s were detained only until they were disassembled on a molecular level for study. However, Dr. Holiday, an assistant at the time, believes that studying how nanites cause mutations may one day allow for an option other than kill or contain: cure. One day, Six and his partner White Knight were called to Mexico to deal with a rampaging bio-mechanical E.V.O. only for the E.V.O. to collapse after being battered enough and revealed to be fourteen-year-old Rex. Rex cures a second E.V.O. right in front of Six’s eyes and he brings him back to Dr. Holiday to be studied. Despite Rex being her all and more of her wildest dreams rolled into one, Six insists that they keep him under wraps for now. However, White Knight finds Rex and brings him to the head of E.V.O. Studies, Dr. Fell, in hopes that disassembling him will reveal how his curing powers work and how to cure the entire planet all in one shot. However, Six believes that it is too big of a risk to sacrifice what they know will work for something that might work. With assistance from Bobo, a recently captured E.V.O. who was holding the Kremlin hostage for caviar before his capture, Dr. Holiday is able to save Rex. However, White Knight and Six’s fight had caused the E.V.O. disassembly machine to overload and destroy all the nanites in White Knight’s body, but Rex is able to save White Knight’s life by turning off the machine with his powers, in the process, bleaching White Knights skin and hair. Rex’s curing abilities has given Providence much needed funding and White Knight is made head of Providence for his zero nanite count. Back in the present, Six gives Rex a Tantō inscribed with the symbol of loyalty for his birthday and states that he has its twin (which was given to him for his birthday the day he found Rex) and states that it is a symbol that they are going down the same path together.

Generator Rex Sezonul 1 Episodul 19 Online Subtitrat In Romana
Nov. 19, 2010